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Sayōnara, Regular Socks.
We’re Tabio. The most comfortable socks ever made.

What is Tabio?

We make the highest quality socks in Japan. Now, we’re bringing them to America.

  • Japanese Legacy

    For over 60 years, we’ve elevated what people expect from our socks by requiring perfection from yarn to finished product.

  • Superior Comfort

    We’re thoughtful about the quality of all materials we use. Not because they’re fun to talk about, but because they make the most comfortable socks.

  • Proud Craftsmanship

    We care about the details, which is why we adjust our knitting machines by hand. It helps create ideal textures in all temperature and humidity conditions.

About Us

Our Story

Most people take socks for granted. We’re not most people. Learn why we obsess over the small details that make perfect socks possible.

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