Women's Premium Tights

Women's Premium Tights

The most comfortable tights you'll ever know. Our ultra-fine yarn is so gentle, you'll feel the difference immediately. The color is uniform all over your legs thanks to our state-of-the technology which ensures perfectly consistent fabric thickness.

Here's a quick guide to select the right fabric thickness.
80-denier for 50-60°F (Winter)
60-denier for 60-70°F (Early Spring and Late Fall)
30-denier for 70°F around (Late Spring and Early Fall)

We have them in all three thicknesses and 18 colors. So, you can always find the perfect match for all your outfits.


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30-denier  Premium Tights
30-denier Premium Tights

[Women] Smooth Sheer

60-denier  Premium Tights
60-denier Premium Tights

[Women] Smooth Semi-Sheer

80-denier  Premium Tights
80-denier Premium Tights

[Women] Extra Smooth Texture

TABIO Washing Bag
TABIO Washing Bag

for Long Lasting All-Day Comfort