Give A Sock

We donate a pair of socks for every pair sold.

Foot problems due to the lack of adequate footwear are a common health issue among people experiencing homelessness. The demand for items related to foot care, especially socks, is very high. Yet, not enough socks are donated. Tabio has partnered up with KNOCK KNOCK GIVE A SOCK to support the homeless community and help reduce the number of foot problems by donating high quality socks. With every pair of socks sold in the US, Tabio will donate one pair to KKGS to provide comfort for someone who needs it the most.


Tabio’s Activities

With the concept of contributing to a better life by making feet comfortable, we have partnered with KKGS. Committing to contributing to society, Tabio USA will play an active role in providing socks to those in need.

A Culture of Giving Back


About KKGS

Knock Knock, Give a Sock is an organization that collects the most needed, but least donated article of clothing for those experiencing homelessness, which happens to be, socks.