This is Tabio

Comfort, durability and quality. Always, in all ways.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have people experience true comfort on a daily basis at a reasonable price. All our socks are designed with a singular purpose: to promote a better and more comfortable lifestyle. 

Our Values

Proud Craftsmanship

Japanese craftsmanship requires the ability to understand subtle differences that are not always obvious. This subtlety is called “zetsumyo.” Our attention to “zetsumyo.” details, like stitching pressure and room temperature, allows us to create consistently perfect socks.

Quality Materials

We’re proud to make our socks in Japan, but we source yarns and fabrics from around the world. Like American-grown Supima Cotton and cashmere that’s selected by hand. Only the best materials go into our socks.

Superior Comfort

We craft each pair of socks with your comfort in mind. From athletic socks that whisk away sweat to dress socks that stay where you want them. It might seem excessive, but we think that’s what your feet deserve.

Tabio Story

Most people take socks for granted. We’re not most people.
Learn why we obsess over the small details that make perfect socks possible.

Two Generations of Tabio Leadership

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tabio Present and Future

Tabio now has over 270 stores in Japan and several throughout Europe. 
Tabio is expanding to the United States in 2017 and other markets in the future.