All Women's Legwear

All Women's Legwear

Tabio women's legwear is crafted by master craftsmen who have been perfecting the art of creating high-quality legwear since 1968. Carefully chosen premium materials and the founder Naomasa Ochi's expertise ensure a perfect fit and utmost comfort. Add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe with the God of Socks' signature product!

All Men's Legwear

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TABIO Washing Bag
TABIO Washing Bag

for Long Lasting All-Day Comfort

30-denier  Premium Tights
30-denier Premium Tights

[Women] Smooth Sheer

60-denier  Premium Tights
60-denier Premium Tights

[Women] Smooth Semi-Sheer

80-denier  Premium Tights
80-denier Premium Tights

[Women] Extra Smooth Texture