Supreme Everyday  Knee-High Socks
Supreme Everyday  Knee-High Socks
Supreme Everyday  Knee-High Socks
Supreme Everyday  Knee-High Socks
Supreme Everyday  Knee-High Socks
Supreme Everyday  Knee-High Socks
Supreme Everyday  Knee-High Socks
Supreme Everyday  Knee-High Socks
Supreme Everyday  Knee-High Socks

Supreme Everyday Knee-High Socks

[Unisex] Just the Right Compression
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[Unisex] Just the Right Compression

[Unisex] Just the Right Compression
The concept of the Supreme Everyday Knee High Socks is "Just the Right Compression Socks you would like to wear them every day!!" We have generously applied our patented technology and know-how from TABIO SPORTS®️ socks to the socks. After 6 years of planning, the project has finally been completed. They are compression socks, but easy to wear on and take off.

❶ Wider Cuff and Culf: The item is knitted to fit the shape of your leg, with a wider cuff and calf, and tapering towards the ankle, making it easy to put in and take out the foot. The diameter of the cuff is about 1.5 times that of our regular socks.

❷ Comfortable Fitting Cuff: Synthetic fibers are generally used for the cuff of tight compression socks and it tends to be itchy, but , inside the cuff, we use cotton that is gentle on your skin and absorbs sweat easily. In addition, knitting the larger cuff is designed to reduce the feeling of partial tightness and to feel the good compression on the entire leg from your calf to ankle.

❸ All 3-D Knitting from Ankle to Toe: By knitted three-dimensionally according to the shape of toes and the movement of foot, the socks fit your toes and feet properly without feeling too tight. The arch support compression reduces the fatigue of your tired feet. The seamless toe linking eliminates uneven stitching on the toe area. Each sock is decided for the right and the left. In addition, by knitting the instep smaller a little than the sole, the toes are lifted, making it easier to walk.

❹ Three Types of Cushioning Piles with Different Thicknesses for Toes and Heel:
  1. Soft cushioning pile with high-density piles on the sole and the little toe. Pile is removed from the arch other than the toes and heel to prevent the shoe from becoming too tight.
  2. The part that covers the toes and heel is piled every other row of stitches, which is breathable and not bulky.
  3. The heel part that rubs against the opening of the shoe is reinforced with nylon yarn in addition to the cushioning pile.

The Excellent Water-Absorbing and Quick-Drying Polyester Filament quickly absorbs moisture in your shoes and reduces the discomfort. The unique Y-shaped cross-section provides a smooth texture and allows the foot to be put in and taken out smoothly despite the compression.

Made in Japan
Material: Nylon 35%, Polyester 29%, Cotton 26%, Polyurethane 10%

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