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Tabio Running Socks for Women

Anti-fatigue arch support.

By pushing up the arch of your foot, these socks provide a wearability that’s fatigue resistant and comfortable.

Tabio Running Socks for Women

A three-dimensional manufacturing process that fits the shape of your toes.

By knitting the toes of the sock into a three dimensional arch shape covering your toes, these socks reduce the stress on your toes. Additionally, each toe is independent, allowing the wearer to properly grip the ground.

Tabio Running Socks for Women

The heels don’t slide around.

By making the surface area of heel larger, these socks give a feel of stability.

Tabio Running Socks for Women

Must-resistant meshing.

Breathable and prevents any uncomfortable mustiness.

Tabio Running Socks for Women

Gripping treatment.

Uses silicon rubber. By preventing your feet from sliding around, they allow you to focus on running.


Signature Run Toe Socks

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Tabio Sports Series, made for “the running foot”

For everyday training to professional specs for racing, with our diverse lineup, we will respond to all of the requirements for “the running foot” according to use and level.


We make the highest quality socks in Japan. Now, we’re bringing them to America.

About Us


For over 50 years, we’ve elevated what people expect from our socks by requiring perfection from yarn to finished product.


We’re thoughtful about the quality of all materials we use. Not because they’re fun to talk about, but because they make the most comfortable socks.


We care about the details, which is why we adjust our knitting machines by hand. It helps create ideal textures in all temperature and humidity conditions.