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Tabio High-Standard Cotton
Pile Crew Socks Series

Tabio High-Standard Pile Crew Socks (Special Edition) , listed in GQ Best Stuff Subscription Box Winter 2019. For this subscription box, we produced these socks with special colors and features.

The basis of the socks were our ever popular High-Standard Cotton Piles Crew Socks. From sneakers to dress shoes, these are the almighty pair, perfect for any situation. Picky about the most basic items? Perfect for such people, Tabio offers the elegant wearability High-Standard Cotton Piles Crew Socks.

Reasons why
you would want to wear them
every day.

Reason 1.

Elegant-looking High Gauge Thread

Reason 2.

Comfort brought to life by Tabio’s original thread

Reason 3.

Easy on the Feet with Pile Soles

We offer these in both
short and long styles


High-Standard Cotton Piles Crew Socks

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High-Standard Cotton Piles Short Crew Socks

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Tabio High-Standard Pile Crew Socks (Special Edition)

A special edition made for GQ Best Stuff Subscription Box.   Special items with limited colors and an addition of limited features.

Compression for the arch of the foot.

Ribbed from the ankle upwards for stretchiness.

Tabio’s logo at the mouth of the sock. Be stylish, even in the places where eyes don’t reach.

Tabio High-Standard Pile Crew Socks (Special Edition)

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For over 50 years, we’ve elevated what people expect from our socks by requiring perfection from yarn to finished product.



We’re thoughtful about the quality of all materials we use. Not because they’re fun to talk about, but because they make the most comfortable socks.

proud craftsmanship


We care about the details, which is why we adjust our knitting machines by hand. It helps create ideal textures in all temperature and humidity conditions.


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