The best men’s
Knee High Socks

Tabio USA we seek only perfection

Tabio is committed to achieve unequaled comfort and excellence in every sock. Years of research, experimenting, and improvement were put in to produce our knee-high socks. Each seam and stitch is an embodiment of hard work and Japanese craftsmanship.

Discover Tabio’s knee-high socks, the best men’s dress socks to go with your suit.

The perfect gentleman look by Tabio

Tabio Black knee-high socks have many benefits for businessmen. As is often said, black long socks are a basic part of the suit style and are a wardrobe essential for men. However, finding the right pair is always the difficult part.

Hesitate no more to wear your leather shoes in any formal situation. Tabio’s collection are the best dress socks available. 

Technically advanced materials

Always sourcing the best quality materials to make our socks, is one of Tabio’s fundamental rules. When it comes to men’s knee-high socks we are looking to match the luxurious appearance and maximum comfort at the same time.  

Most of our sock models feature a moisture-wicking function and a deodorant process for a clean and dry fit throughout the day.

Tabio’s knee-high socks are the most advanced long socks you have ever worn. 

Knee socks that don’t move

We care about you, and we understand how uncomfortable feet can get. These business socks guarantee a perfect fit all day long for your formal attire. It will adapt to your muscle movements but will still keep your feet snug to ensure that there is no friction with your leather shoes that end up in irritations and blisters at the end of the day.

So comfortable that they will make you forget that you are wearing socks.

Carefully knitted

Over the past decades, we have mastered the art of sock-making with different techniques based on what the materials, features and the final style require. We have gone through specialized training to operate our knitting machines and crafting operation, using the only linked embossing machine in Japan. Specific models have seam-free linking, which requires artisans to hand-sew them one by one.

The labor-intensity of producing high-quality socks only allows for a production pace of a few dozen socks a day.

Premium Silk Banner Knee High Socks

Premium Silk Banner Knee High Socks

Cotton and high-quality silk socks that combine functionality with comfort, having a soft texture and outstanding comfort. A pair recommended as a gift.

Premium Silk Banner Knee High Socks


Made by a special machine we refer to as "The Banner,” our Premium Silk Banner socks combine the luxury of pure silk with the comfort of modern technology.

The Banner machine allows us to utilize a variety of colors and threads for different sections of the sock composition. We take the best of the two worlds of Silk and Cotton. Silk feels luxurious and soft on your skin; makes up the leg part. Cotton pile provides a perfect amount of cushion on your sole, protecting your feet by absorbing pressure from the ground in leather shoes.

We hope you feel Tabio craftsmanship by enjoying the look and feel of Silk Banner socks.

Made in Japan
Material: Silk 44%, Cotton 38%, Nylon 16%, Polyurethane 2%

Premium 9x2 Rib Cotton Knee High Socks

Premium 9x2 Rib Cotton Knee High Socks

A pair of socks that are carefully knitted with special techniques. A long-time seller that has been adored by many customers throughout the years. 

Premium 9x2 Rib Cotton Knee High Socks


This stylish knee-high is perfect for the executive at home in the corner office or after work with the team. Our Premium 9x2 Rib Cotton Knee High Socks combine layers of polyurethane, nylon and cotton to maintain a luxurious appearance and maximum comfort without feeling too thick.

Premium 9x2 Rib Cotton Knee High Socks are our signature rib design with perfectly straight lines. The stretchy fabric ensures a soft to touch texture, and that the socks stay put at your ideal knee height.

Made in Japan
Material: Cotton 62%, Nylon 35%, Polyurethane 3%

Pin Dot Cotton Knee High Socks

Pin Dot Cotton Knee High Socks

An excellent pair of 100% cotton socks that are suitable for business use. Absorbs sweat, seamless at the toe for more comfort.

Pin Dot Cotton Knee High Socks


We mercerize the cotton on our Pin Dot Cotton Knee High Socks to make sure they retain their comfort and shape after multiple uses. Plus, our pin dot design provides an extra flair of style that looks good in the office, on the weekend and everywhere in between.

Made in Japan
Material: Cotton 67%, Nylon 31%, Polyurethane 2%


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For over 50 years, we’ve elevated what people expect from our socks by requiring perfection from yarn to finished product.



We’re thoughtful about the quality of all materials we use. Not because they’re fun to talk about, but because they make the most comfortable socks.

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We care about the details, which is why we adjust our knitting machines by hand. It helps create ideal textures in all temperature and humidity conditions.