Tights for womens Tabio The utmost comfortable and highest quality Our Made in Japan Premium Tights

Tights for womens Tabio The utmost comfortable and highest quality Our Made in Japan Premium Tights

Tabio's premium tights are made with passion and dedication to offer the most comfortable product. High density and smooth textured materials provide a new experience and sensation that you have never felt before.

Tabio Premium Tights series have an incomparable smooth texture. We always prioritize comfort and have invested immense dedication and passion to the Premium Tights series. Although tights generally feel the same on your skin, you can feel how different Tabio Premium Tights are if you try them on. It’s unbelievably smooth and will form with the figure of your body.

Premiun point 1.

Wholeheartedly devoted to socks, 50 years in the making. Beautiful plaiting, possible only with Tabio’s technology.

Usually, tights are woven as a single layer. However, with a technique called “plait knitting,” Tabio’s tights are woven into two layers, using both a front thread and a back thread. As a result of its two layers, these tights are superior in elasticity compared to single-layer tights of the same thickness, making it silky and smooth to the touch. The perfect plait knitting technique requires a special knitting machine and the expertise of hardened craftsmen in order to knit tights without flipping the two threads. This is an extremely difficult knitting technique that only Tabio has.

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Take a closer look at the yarn! Tabio never compromises on quality, ensuring the best comfort.

We use superfine high multifilament yarn for Tabio Premium Tights, excelling to another level of comfort. Since this yarn is even thinner than general high multifilament yarn, Tabio Premium Tights are extremely dense and soft. You can visibly notice the subtle details of how dense they are just by looking at a photo of one.

What is superfine high multifilament yarn like?

What is superfine high multifilament yarn like? Tabio USAWhat is superfine high multifilament yarn like? Tabio USA

For the Tabio Basic Tights series, we use high multifilament yarn which is much thinner than general yarn. For Tabio Premium Tights, we chose a superfine high multifilament yarn that is even thinner. This makes a significant difference when it comes to comfort and daily use. If you try them once, you’ll discover the comfort and rich texture that Tabio Premium Tights incorporated.

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Wearing Tabio tights will leave you feeling stress-free all day long as they don’t easily slip off!

What’s annoying about average tights is that they often tend to misalign and move around. This won’t happen when you wear Tabio Premium tights that feature a gusset to comfortably fit more on the legs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about feeling the contracting pressure around your stomach because the waist area is made to stay spacious and comfortable. Tights are what you wear all day long so it’s absolutely important for you to be able to move around stress-free in tights. From a commute in the morning to a date after work, we want all women who live an active lifestyle to personally experience the pleasant difference of daily life in Tabio Premium Tights.

Black tights are not enough!
Tabio’s color tights
will satisfy 
to your content.

Black tights are not enough!
Spice up
your wardrobe with
Tabio’s color tights

Although black tights are an essential item, why not add color tights to your wardrobe this year? Do your autumn/winter outfits tend to consistently remain a dark-tone? Wearing color tights will brighten your look and mood. Tabio tights in karashi or red color can spice up your outfits while tights in khaki or lavender-gray can add a good nuance. You will be sure to find the color you want for Tabio’s 80 Denier Premium Tights thanks to the 11 colors to choose from!

Tabio Premium Tights 80 deniers

Tabio Premium Tights 80 deniers

80 deniers are THE Tabio tights! This is no exaggeration as 80 deniers are our best-selling series. 80 deniers will keep you warm no matter how cold and with its opaque finish it can make your legs look slimmer.

80-denier Premium Tights


Made in Japan
Material: Nylon 91%, Polyurethane 9%

Tabio Premium Tights 60 deniers

Tabio Premium Tights 60 deniers

Tabio’s 60 deniers have a good balance between ‘not too sheer’ and ‘not too thick’. 60 deniers are opaque but they are slightly see-through with your legs crossed or knees bent. With 60 deniers, you can go for an elegant look.

60-denier Premium Semi-Sheer Tights


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Tabio Premium Tights 30 deniers

Tabio Premium Tights 30 deniers

The sheerness of beautiful Tabio 30 deniers tights make your legs feel and look sexier! 30 deniers are perfect for many different occasions such as parties, dinner dates, and even pairing with your formal office outfit.

30-denier Premium Sheer Tights


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