Premium Materials

Premium Materials

All Tabio socks are made from carefully selected high-quality materials. Among them, the socks in the collection that are made from the world's highest quality materials and are only available at Tabio such as luxury cashmere, wool thinner than cahmere, silky supima extra-long staple cotton, double-layers with super-fine high-multifilament nylon yarn, the thinnest lamé in 0.1mm width, the finest Washi (Traditional Japanese Paper) Yarn and linen in world highest quality.

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80-denier  Premium Tights
80-denier Premium Tights

[Women] Extra Smooth Texture

60-denier  Premium Tights
60-denier Premium Tights

[Women] Smooth Semi-Sheer

30-denier  Premium Tights
30-denier Premium Tights

[Women] Smooth Sheer