ECO-Friendly Perfect Fit Socks

ECO-Friendly Perfect Fit Socks

Our best-selling Perfect-Fit socks are now eco-friendly!

Initially, the goal was to create socks that fit you perfectly, hence the name, and stay where they were supposed to. We can affirm that we did exactly that!

This was made possible thanks to years of research in technology and comfort. Our Perfect-Fit socks benefit from Tabio's original 3-D knitting method, seamless cuff, and silicon gel designed to stay right on your heel.

Adding to this already impressive list of technologies, they are now sustainable. Made of recycled polyester and using the highly acclaimed COOLMAX® EcoMade technology, they are better for your health and the earth. Try them out!

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Perfect Fit  No-Show Socks
Perfect Fit No-Show Socks

[Women] Recycled Polyester and Nylon