Top-5 essentials socks for men

Tabio Corporation has been pursuing a traditional Japanese socks-making culture for 50 years. The legendary quality of Tabio products has loyal fans all around the world. But not only the company traditions are the subject to admire. Some of the Tabio socks have become legends, too. Let us share all-time Tabio favorite products you must-have in your sock drawer.

Having a sock drawer balanced between casual, formal, and sporty quality socks can be challenging, and socks are regularly the wardrobe item that you ignore. We at Tabio believe that everybody should experience right foot comfort, let us introduce you to some of the socks we are the proudest.     

Premium 9x2 Rib Cotton Knee High Socks

Have you ever considered that your feet discomfort could lead from your socks and not your leather shoes?  Here is a product that represents Tabio’s identity, also available in crew length socks.

This stylish premium knee-high socks are made using the plating knitting technique. It requires specialized training to operate the knitting machines to combine three layers of polyurethane, nylon, and cotton and create the socks triple structure top optimize comfort, stretch, and durability. The final fabric is ensuring socks that stay up your knee, it is elastic enough to fit snugly under the knee of an adult. For toe comfort, we are using seamless linking. This model requires precise craftsmanship and became of our best selling socks. A different color back yarn than a front yarn used, you can slightly see the color of the back yarn. It is a moderate fashion. 

Available in 4 different colors, these socks are giving you the perfect formal look while keeping your feet comfortable in leather shoes. 

Racing Stripe Cotton Crew Socks

A casual pair of Tabio socks for men, best sellers for a long time in Japan. Made from 4 different fabrics (cotton, acrylic, nylon, and polyurethane), we obtained the ideal blend to developed socks with a smoother texture and optimal stretch. The elasticity and comfort come from Tabio’s original cotton-blend yarn. People appreciate their versatility as they can be worn in any circumstances, elegant coloring makes it suitable for a casual office day.  

Available in 5 different colors, try out one of Tabio best sellers.

Power Fit Cotton Crew Socks 

Classic cotton crew socks are a must-have in your closet; they are suitable for wintertime and outdoor activities. 

The Tabio Power-Fit series is known to be the favorite founder's socks. Created for tennis purpose; initially, they perfectly fit on your leg for maximum comfort all day long. Each pair of this series features over 50 years of Tabio dedication over socks and feet comfort.

The Power-Fit series uses Tabio's original high-quality cotton thread, the cotton yarn used is famous for being absorbent and robust enough to stay fit and straight by itself. The secret of success is a highly elastic thread that is not used in ordinary socks that makes the socks hard to slip even if you walk a lot, and you can spend a comfortable day. 

Available in 10 different colors, try out this durable and Japanese best selling socks.

3-D Knitted Anti-Odor No-Show Socks

This hybrid pair of socks is connecting the best of our casual socks with the technology of our preferred Tabio sports socks model: the Signature Run which features Typical functions of Tabio Sports, water absorption quick-drying and arch support.

Viewing the success of these active socks, we decided to combine the best of these technologies to propose a functional pair of socks that can be worn as everyday socks. They are produced using 3-D knitting technology, an innovative process that is concentrating on optimizing the comfort of the person wearing it. The left and right foot sock are knitted differently for an optimal fit.

Available in 3 colors, this no show sock gives you a barefoot look with a sports feel.

Perfect Fit Anti-Odor No-Show Socks

Average no show socks are moving from your feet while walking. The perfect fit series was created to fix it. The whole process started with this statement and took three years to be developed. The final result was aiming to create a sock meeting, no odor, perfect fit, style, and comfort features.  

The whole socks are made with 3-D Knitting technology. This knitting technique aims to create socks fit that is perfect from the front to the step of your socks. For the story, to test it out, one of the Tabio’s employees walked 40km around the famous Tokyo Yamanote train line, used by millions of people to commute every day.

Available in 10 different colors, these socks will guarantee you a gentle fit and a perfect barefoot looking.