Tabio gives a sock. Do you?

Right before the start of the holiday season Tabio USA Team has visited a NYC Centre for Social Innovation and top WeWork locations in New York City and Los Angeles to share our new “Socksgiving” initiative. When we have learned, that socks are the #1 needed but the least donated items, we have partnered up with “KKGS”, volunteer organization to change this pattern.

With every order placed at, we donate the same amount of socks to someone in need. Socksgiving all year long. One sold - one donated. And we had WeWork members involved in this initiative to build an emotional connection and encourage the acts of giving back.

The KKGS donation box was placed at multiple WeWork locations to encourage more acts of giving back. By donating one pair, WeWork members were able to get back a pair of Tabio socks and we also have matched the number of socks donated during the popups, with the Tabio USA donations.

Great energy and kind feedback, shared by WeWork members, is greatly appreciated by Tabio Team. Just for one week have collected over 200 pairs of socks to share the love and care with someone in need.

Let's give a world to the "Knock Knock, Give a Sock":

"While many people donate clothing, 9 out of every 10 people who have donated clothing have never donated a pair of socks. On top of that, most organizations do not accept gently used socks, but at KKGS – we do! Our partners and volunteers collect socks through drives and sometimes, by quite literally knocking on the doors of their colleagues, classmates, and neighbors. In addition to collecting socks for those in need, KKGS aims to reduce the stigma associated with homelessness. Through our Meet Your Neighbors Dinners and the Hakook Team, KKGS attempts to bring together those who are and are not experiencing homelessness in order to encourage discussions and ultimately dissipate the stigma".