Quick guideline to choose the right denier for you

What is denier when it comes to fabric? What denier should you choose?- Here’s a quick guideline to choose the right denier for you.

Tights are clothing items every girl should have in her closet. They can upgrade your outfit and keep your legs warm.

But when it comes to buying tights, are you sure of what denier you should be choosing? Have you ever been lost, staring at the overwhelming selection of tights? Everyone probably knows that the higher the denier, the thicker the tights material.

With that said, let’s dive in and learn more! Here’s a quick guideline to help you choose the right denier for each occasion.


30 Deniers

Every woman’s aspiration - “I want to make my legs look sexier and more attractive!”

30 denier tights can help you with that. The secret is that 30 deniers make a contrast on your legs that can make them look slimmer. The contrast comes from the sheerness of the tights. Meaning, fine tights like 30 deniers will be see-through on the calves and thighs but dense on the thinner areas like ankles. This 30 deniers style is sexy and elegant which would be perfect for social occasions like a party or date night. 30 deniers also work for formal occasions like your office outfit since they’re moderately see-through. You can look like a professional woman in an ‘elegant’ 30 deniers.

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60 Deniers

60 denier tights have a good balance between ‘not too sheer’ and ‘not too thick’.

60 deniers are opaque but they will be slightly see-through with your legs crossed or knees bent. It’s modestly sexy, isn’t it? The slight sheerness can also make your legs look slimmer.

Compared to 30 deniers, 60 deniers look more casual due to the opacity, so, it would be perfect for an informal occasion like when you go out with your friends on weekends.

A friendly tip, 60 deniers are fantastic for when it’s chilly outside!

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80 Deniers

Are you sure you’re ready for the freezing winter without 80 denier tights? Here are some reasons why you should definitely own one.

80 deniers have the ability to hold heat underneath the tights and keep you warm. (There is never a good outcome for women when their legs and stomach are freezing!)

Another added benefit of 80 deniers, is that they are opaque, which can help balance outfits with thicker winter coats/garments. With the opacity of 80 deniers, you can give your legs a slimmer look as well.

You can also enjoy the vast options of colors for 80 deniers. Color tights will spice up winter outfits that are likely to be all dark-toned (and boring) and can also pair beautifully with mini dresses! Now you can enjoy a Christmas and New Year’s party in a gorgeous outfit without the worry of keeping your legs warm!


That wraps up our denier guideline! What deniers do you want now?

You wear tights all day long. What if the tights you wear feel uncomfortable? We don’t want tights to make your day unenjoyable. So, Tabio always prioritizes the comfort of their products.

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