High Five To Five Toe

During an average lifetime, each person walks about 115,000 miles and three-quarters of people have foot problems at some point in their lives. 

There are many blood vessels, nerves, and muscles in the feet. Keeping your feet happy means keeping yourself healthy! 

Different foot shapes representation.

Everyone knows that going barefoot is beneficial to your feet and ankles, but obviously, we can not walk barefoot 24/7. Let us share one simple habit which will help you to space out your toes and regain your natural shaped feet: 

Wear five-toe socks. Yes, that simple!

Five toes socksWhy Five-Toe socks?

1. Allows your toes to splay the way nature intended. Toe freedom! 

2. Absorbent and anti-odor effect: absorbs sweat between toes.

3. Allows your feet to breathe.

4. Perfect socks to wear with trendy Tabi shoes or five-toe shoes.

5. A pleasant stimulation between your toes provides a relaxing effect.

The best way to understand all the benefits of five-toe socks is to actually wear it. When you wear a properly-fitting pair of toe socks, you forget to take your socks off before shower, because it feels like a second skin. 

What makes Tabio Five-Toe Socks so special? 

Tabio Five Toe Socks are not your average 5-toe socks.
One of the significant differences between Tabio’s toe socks and regular toe socks is the toe section of the socks.

Usually, the width and the length of the toe sections in other brand socks are the same regardless of the size (SML).

For this reason, an individual often feels toe section of their socks are either too loose for size S feet or very tight and stretchy for foot size L.

However, Tabio five-toe socks are made according to SML sizes. Therefore, they are a perfect fit for your feet and as comfortable as when you are barefoot.

Discover Tabio Five-Toe Socks collections for men and women.  

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