Almost Barefoot Socks that don't show and won't slip off

Almost Barefoot Socks that don't show and won't slip off

Tabio's No Show Socks

When you want to sport the sockless look, these No Show Socks are the heroes behind the scenes. Out of Tabio’s No Show Socks, you can select the right ones to fit the depth of your shoes. Even better, the important thing about the No Show Socks is that they don’t come off inside your shoes as you walk.

50 years in the making, we have devoted ourselves wholeheartedly to the art of sock-making. Through research, experiments and the skills of hardened craftsmen, we provide socks that can be worn comfortably all day long. Which pair of shoes will you choose to wear today?  Find the perfect No Show Socks for your fashion with Tabio now.

A Perfect Fit, as if Custom Made
Introducing the No Show that won’t come off on its own

point #1

Special Heel Knitting


Even More Resistant to Sliding Around.

2.Recommended for Loafers, Sneakers

Women's Anti-Odor Toe No-Show Socks

Women's Anti-Odor Toe No-Show Socks

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3.Recommended for Sneakers

Anti-Odor Deep Instep No-Show Socks

Anti-Odor Deep Instep No-Show Socks

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We make the highest quality socks in Japan. Now, we’re bringing them to America.

About Us


For over 50 years, we’ve elevated what people expect from our socks by requiring perfection from yarn to finished product.



We’re thoughtful about the quality of all materials we use. Not because they’re fun to talk about, but because they make the most comfortable socks.

proud craftsmanship


We care about the details, which is why we adjust our knitting machines by hand. It helps create ideal textures in all temperature and humidity conditions.