Warm wool socks for this cold season


The moment you put our socks on, you’ll be enveloped with comfort. It’s just like wearing a warm sweater on your feet.

Let us introduce our wool socks to you today, perfect for the approaching cold season.

The wool filled with our passion

The sweater season is here... Can you feel the temperature dropping? Then, take advantage of it by enjoying fashion around your feet. Just like wearing a jacket or coat on a cold day, why don’t you put on nice, warm wool socks?

We are committed to selecting high-quality wool to weave our products with.


Our Women’s Premium Wool 1x1 Rib Crew Socks feature top-quality wool, as fine and smooth as cashmere. In fact, it is even thinner than the wool used for custom-made suits made by high-end brands.

The premium soft texture will bring you comfort and happiness.

Are you concerned our wool may be prickly? When wool makes you feel itchy, it means that the wool contains a lot of thick fiber. Although fine wool does cost more, it is supple and will never frustrate you with bristly texture. Ladies, finish your elegant look with our premium socks.


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For a gentleman who pays close attention to fashion details, Men’s Extra Fine Merino Wool Crew Socks  are the best ways to go.

The classy look and ideal thickness will add a unique accent to your style.

You will soon notice the comfort as if the socks contain fluffy air. The stability of our socks is second to none - best experience their quality by wearing them with leather shoes or boots.  Simple yet sophisticated - this is the style for the urban and modern gentlemen.


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 Did you know wool is an all-season fashion item?

Warmth is not the only benefit of wool. In fact, it is something you can enjoy all year round. Thanks to its low heat conductivity, wool provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. It also controls humidity, and your feet will feel less damp and will be kept dry all the time. What’s even better, wool has an amazing natural antibacterial/deodorizing effect. Did you know all these benefits that wool has to offer throughout the year?

Elegant wool socks are versatile fashion items for any occasion and improve your style further - whether you wear them daily or match them with a dress or business attire

Take advantage of this chance to expand your socks wardrobe!


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