Top-5 essentials socks and tights for women

How many pairs of socks should I have to complete my socks wardrobe? Is it even a real thing: stylish and comfortable, perfectly fitting tights? Had “socks and sandals” became a fashion taboo to break and forget? 

Not every woman is asking herself these questions and being that particular about the socks wardrobe. However, in Tabio, we believe that socks should be treated as an essential element of your wardrobe because it is a fundamental part of your daily comfort and happiness. If you are about to get your first pair of Tabio, any of the featured products would be a perfect candidate to have your feet introduced to authentic Japanese socks making culture.

Tabio Corporation has been pursuing a traditional Japanese socks-making culture for 50 years. The legendary quality of Tabio products has loyal fans all around the world. But not only the company traditions are the subject to admire. Some of the Tabio socks have become legends, too. Let us share all-time Tabio favorite products you must-have in your sock drawer.

The Premium 5x2 Rib Silky Cotton Short Crew Socks

Slightly longer than your ankle length, this premium pair of crew socks are a great must-have from Tabio’s collection. Made from a blend of high-quality Pima cotton from Egypt and America that is also used by leading fashion houses, we apply a high-end cotton improvement process called mercerization. This treatment is aiming to increase cotton softness and brilliance and reduce the textile fuzziness.

It took a bit of time to find the correct balance between elegance and comfort. This is a relatively new product but already a Tabio flagship socks model.

Available in 15 different colors. These socks are a great mix of elegance and comfort; that’s why they quickly became one of Tabio’s best selling women’s products with time.

 The Sparkly Soft Lamé Short Crew Socks

This pair of sparkly crew socks are pair that we are proud of at Tabio. To add this elegant shine, we have used a premium ultra-fine a 0.1mm width lamé. The biggest difficulty of lame fabrics is that it causes a tingling sensation, Tabio’s lame socks basically don’t because we used the thinnest lamé fiber in the world. These socks are knitted with Tabio excellence craftsmanship 

Available in 7 different colors, these socks are perfect for adding an elegant shine to your outfit without neglecting comfort.

COOLMAX® Plain No-Show Socks

Sometimes it can be tempting to wear your shoes barefoot, but this is actually bad for your feet (stink, blister, and more). No worries we got you covered on this, and we are proud to introduce you to one of our favorite and comfortable no-show socks available. 

Using COOLMAX® Fabrics (a hydrophobic polyester with deodorant function), we worked on creating a versatile pair of socks. The final objectives were to grant feet freshness and dryness during hottest temperatures while retaining warmth during the cold days. We have added a small non-slip gel to ensure a perfect fit during all your days. 

Available in 7 different colors, these socks are giving you the perfect barefoot look while keeping your feet in comfort.

Signature Tights: sheer 30-denier/ semi-sheer 60-denier 

Tights are one of the items every woman should have in her wardrobe. If, however, you pick ones without thinking, the tights you wear would make you feel really uncomfortable and want to take them off right away at night. Tabio has premium tights for all women that won’t make you feel that way anymore. Our special tights were born from our spirit, “we should make the most comfortable tights”. Tabio’s tights are double knitted in this way called plating knitting with front yarns and back yarns. The knitting technique which requires advanced skills of craftsmen makes elasticity and smoothness that make our tights fit comfortably on your legs. The comfortable softness of our tights comes from high multi-filament yarns that are half thinner than general fine yarns. 

You can enjoy various kinds of Tabio tights of 30 and 60 deniers. 30 deniers look beautifully sheer on your skin and 60 deniers have a good balance between ‘too sheer’ and ‘too opaque’. The best-seller series in Japan, 80 deniers are coming soon too!