Sockspiration for your winter styles

You may have started out strong with your style this winter, but are you starting to feel stuck in a fashion rut? What you need is some sockspiration. 

There's still a long way to go till the end of winter, so refresh your winter style with some sock tips from our favorite fashion influencers.

Extra Fine Merino Wool Crew Socks

The Highest-Grade Wool Socks Fit for a Gentlemen

Try wool socks with tassel loafers for a refined style like stevedjla. These wool socks are made with a luxurious amount of Merino wool, carefully selected so you feel like you're walking on a cloud. Keep your feet from wearing out so soon, even in those hard, cushionless leather-sole shoes. Try this subdued green color, which will go perfectly with any of your slacks.

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30-denier Premium Sheer Tights

Pull your Winter Outfit together with Sheer Tights

Try pairing sheer, black tights with a winter skirt and simple, monochromatic outfit for a basic, yet refined style like hausofhoganLet's be honest, legs look better in tights. Accentuate your legs and add a feminine touch to otherwise dreary winter fashion with a pair of tights.

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Take it Easy in Casual Wear Paired with High-Quality Socks 

Faded jeans and a sweatshirt. Making even this basic outfit stylish comes down to the details, from the perfect fit and just the right amount of cuff to match your shoes, all the way down to the perfect sock. Modestmanstyle epitomizes simplicity and well-thought-out style in this basic look paired with our Power Fit Cotton Crew Socks. Bring your casual wear to the next level with these refined, narrow-ribbed socks.

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Sandals in the Winter? Feel the magic with Lamé Socks.

Why reserve your favorite sandals for only the summer? With a pair of socks, you can wear them all year round! I know what you might be thinking: socks with sandals? Trust us, once you try this unexepected pair, you will open yourself up to a whole new realm of fashion possibilities. Just take a look at juliafriedmann in this gorgeous beige-monochrome. Add some glamour to your winter look with these elegantly shimmery lamé socks.

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Add a Spice of Blue to your Everyday Jacket

Are you getting tired of wearing the same old jacket everyday? No need to change your whole look! Just try freshening it up by pairing it with bright and bold, blue socks, like hisootd.  Enjoy your day more simply by changing your socks. 

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Try Grey on Grey

Everyone has at least one classic, grey knit sweater in their closet. What do you usually wear it with? A black skirt? White pants? How about pairing it with similar shades, like juliacomil does, with our semi-sheer tights in DimGrey, an exquisite shade you can only get with Tabio.

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How was that? We hope this has provided some sockspiration for your style this winter. Instead of wearing the same old outfits everyday, freshen up your look (this winter) with Tabio socks.