Rib Socks fit for a Lady, and her High Heels.

When you think of rib socks, you may think “casual” or “best paired with sneakers.”

However, once you find a pair of rib socks that go well with dresses or office attire, you just may open yourself to a whole new world of fashion around your ankles.

Supple with an elegant sheen. These are rib socks fit for a lady, ones that you’ll want to wear with your high heels.

Here, we will introduce our simple, yet well thought-out rib socks.


Nothing brings out the feminine beauty of a woman’s legs more than high heels.

These socks are designed with great thought into balancing rib width with sock height in order to best showcase the beauty of a woman’s legs, especially when paired with high heels.

Not too short, not too long. They not only go with nearly everything, but add an elegant flavor to any outfit, without sticking out.


When dressing like a lady, even your socks should be of the finest materials.

For our socks, we have chosen premium thread of the highest class, the same thread used for tops made by luxury fashion brands. The thread itself is blended to have the sheen of Egyptian cotton and the suppleness of soft Supima cotton. Your feet are enveloped in luxury the moment they slip into a pair, as the socks become almost one with your skin.


The Secrets Behind its Gloss and Suppleness.

The beautiful glossiness of the socks is created by a process called silket finishing, which gives cotton a silk-like sheen.

Furthermore, to create an ever more elegant sheen, we use machines of the largest class, which are rarely found even on a global scale, to produce our thread.

These machines, called continuous silket machines, can process thread about five times (and depending on the type, up to 40 times) the length of that processed by machines with smaller capacities. Longer thread means less jointing. For that reason, we produce socks with a smoother gloss and a more comfortable wearability than other machines. Another strength of this machine is that it allows for a more uniform color when dying the threads. Vibrant colors and durability against pilling places these socks head and shoulders above its peers in elegance.


Next time you wear high heels, give these rib socks a try! With a pair of heels and some high quality socks on your feet, you’ll be sure to find yourself feeling a little more special than usual.

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