Reveal Your Fashion

Sometimes in life, you are required to dress in a formal way because you’re going to a wedding or your office etiquette requires a conservative looking. Dressing up formally can be challenging for most of us, especially for those who like to express their fashion sense. 

Despite new leather shoes & no show trends, common sense requires formal attire to wear a pair of quality dress socks. In this case, socks fashion does matter, let the Tabio’s team sharing with you precious advice to socks your game up and break the rule. 

Go Gentle

If you are relatively new to socks fashion, go simple at first and go for some easy to match colors and patterns. Argyle, pin dots, stripes, and linen patterns are among the easiest to wear and will fit with most of the suits. 

Go Playful

For those who are more confident in their style and like vibrant vibes, go for colorful socks. Please don’t be shy to wear it, matching it with accessories like a tie or a pocket square will blend it perfectly over you.

If you want, you can add a little touch of experimentation with some fresh design over it like flowers, irregular stripes, or any cool designs that you can imagine.

The essential part of socks fashion is always to express your personality, whether you go for a classic or original style. Find the colors that are matching you and coordinate them with your overall dress.

Last tips are the “3 don’ts” that you should 100% follow. 

First, don’t go to formal events barefoot; gentlemen are supposed to cover their legs, and the discomfort of wearing leather shoes isn't worth it. Second, leave your casual white socks for other occasions; white socks and formal pants are incompatible. Third and last, prioritize socks made of natural fibers like cotton, wool or silk; for easy to sweat people anti-odors are a must. 

Follow our socks guidances and impress the other during casual times; you’ll be remembered for your fashion tastes.