New socks - New habits

Have you ever found yourself with a drawer overflowing with countless, worn-out socks?

How about switching out your old, worn-out socks from last year that, let’s be honest, you won’t be wearing again anyway, for a brand new sock wardrobe, with just the amount you need, to get you through this year and many more.

Here, we will introduce our must-have socks for 2020 to keep your sock drawer neat and tidy.

High quality, low quantity. That’s how we should be doing socks.

Sock Drawer Essentials for the Businessman.

To add an accent to your normal office attire, try our Premium Pinstripe Cotton Knee High Socks. The slightly raised ribs, masterfully crafted with the only linked embossing machine in Japan capable of producing such intricate patterns, make these socks an excellent match for dress shoes and give you the confidence you need for those important business meetings.

Premium_Pinstripe Cotton_Knee_High_Socks

Premium Pinstripe Cotton Knee High Socks

For versatile socks you can wear both in and out of the office, try our High-Standard Cotton Piles Crew Socks, which come in basic black, grey, and white, or our Power Fit Cotton Crew Socks, which come in colors like yellow and blue for a fun punch of color. Designed with maximum comfort in mind, these are socks you can walk around in all day without wearing out your feet.


Or try our Racing Stripe Cotton Crew Socks to add a colorful accent to a simple shirt and slacks or chino pants.

Racing Stripe Cotton Crew Socks

Racing Stripe Cotton Crew Socks


For those days you want to go for a more casual look and show a bit of ankle, try our Perfect Fit Anti-Odor No-Show Socks. Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they aren't important. Not only do these socks stay put, they are also crafted with a deodorizing fiber to keep your feet smelling fresh all day. Now that's manly.

Perfect Fit Anti-Odor No-Show Socks


Must haves for women who want to be stylish from head to toe

For sophisticated yet casual style, what you need is high quality and a silk-like sheen. Look no further than our COOLMAX® All-Season Crew Socks. They exude sophistication, while the COOLMAX technology keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

COOLMAX® All-Season Crew Socks


Our Premium 5x2 Rib Silky Cotton Short Crew Socks are another closet essential. Designed to perfectly accentuate a woman’s leg in heels and crafted with an elegant silk-like sheen, they are perfect for any outfit, whether it be in the office or out on the town.


Premium 5x2 Rib Silky Cotton Short Crew Socks 


For those days you want to dress up a bit more, like for parties or dates, have a little fun with our Sparkly Soft Lamé Short Crew Socks. Made with the world's thinnest lamé, these socks have a smooth, comfortable texture that eliminates any scratchy feeling.
Of course, you could choose to go sockless with your heels, but why do that when you can add so much more to your look! Like jewelry to finish off your outfit, these sparkling socks add a fun accent to put you in the mood.

Sparkly Soft Lamé Short Crew Socks


For a more feminine touch, try our Crochet Lace Ankle Socks. These socks alone will open you up to a new realm of outfit choices that you didn’t even know existed. Have fun with your style! Add a feminine accent to any summer outfit with the beautiful crochet design, or try layering them with tights in the winter. 


Crochet Lace Ankle Socks


This year, make your staple pair of black tights a pair of Tabio Premier tights, in 80-denier, 60-denier, or 30-denier.

Super smooth and highly elastic, with a fit that will make you wonder what in the world you have been wearing all this time from the moment you put them on. Add some color tights to your sock drawer while you’re at it! Try our daring, red tights and meet a whole new you.

Try our COOLMAX® Plain No-Show Socks for when you want to go for a sockless look with pumps or flats. Equipped with a non-slip gel to prevent them from sliding around and a deodorizing fiber to keep your feet smelling fresh all day, these socks take functionality to a whole new level. These socks will be your behind-the-scenes key to success.


COOLMAX® Plain No-Show Socks 


Get ready for the new season by refreshing your closet. Make your hectic morning routine a bit smoother by filling your sock drawers just with what you need. 


Your sock drawer essentials:

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