Get ready for your day with Power Fit Cotton Crew Socks.

Do you have anything in your closet for when you want to really fire yourself up for the day?

Here, we will introduce our stylish and refreshing Power Fit Cotton Crew Socks.

Part of our best-selling Power Fit Series, these socks make repeat customers of anyone who tries them.

These socks have a powerful fit, as the name suggests, while also being extremely soft and comfortable to wear. “powerful” and “soft” may seem contradictory upon first glance, however, these socks are equipped with the perfect balance between the two.

They have elegant, narrow ribs and a subdued sheen.

They look elegant with everything from dress shoes to sneakers.

Our Own Original Thread

 We were able to create the Power Fit series’ unique softness and comfort by designing them with our own Tabio original thread.

 We use a luxurious bulky cotton blend thread, which gives our socks their soft texture, along with a highly elastic thread, not usually used in socks, for the back thread. Our luxurious use of these two threads creates a dense fabric which allows us to create the perfect thickness and just the right amount of cushion. 

We reinforce the fabric by knitting it with spliced yarn at the toes and the heel, areas which are prone to wear and tear, giving the socks unmatched durability.

These are socks that you can wear all day, everyday without wearing them out.

All-Purpose Socks, In or Out of the Office.

These socks were actually modeled off a pair of tennis socks that intrigued our founder, Mr. Ochi, who is currently 80 years old, when he was young.

The tennis socks were engineered with a firm, yet comfortable fit to resist slacking even when faced with strenuous exercise, made with a thick fabric that won’t wear out no matter how long you wear them, plus designed with thin ribs that match the gentlemanly sport of tennis.

Taking a hint from these, Tabio created a power fit sock that you can wear regardless of if you are in the office or on your day off.

There is also an abundance of colors to choose from. From simple white to bright colors to give an accent to your outfit, you’ll want to wear these socks all year round to match any season or situation.

The distinctly firm fit of these socks gets you ready for your day the moment you put them on. Try them on yourself and experience first-hand the comfort they have to offer.

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