Find New Favorites with Lamé Socks and High Heels

Like the jewelry as the finishing touch of an outfit, these sparkling Lamé Socks will put you in the mood. Luxurious, feminine and with an air of elegance, these socks are a favorite that one cannot help but reach for.

When in the mood for high heels, these are the go-to sock you will want to pair them with. Although there probably are many people who have never paired socks with anything other than sneakers, these Lamé Socks are just too good for that.

Today, we will introduce outfit ideas that go with our Lamé Socks.


With your Everyday Office Outfit.

Office attire...Do you pick out and pair the same things out of habit? Are you tired of the same old outfits you wear to the office? If you feel that way, this is the outfit for you. With the same pair of pants, the same pair of high heels, just add these Lamé Socks. Even with those over-worn outfits that have grown old, these socks should give them a new breath of life.


For that Splash of Color with your Black-and-White Style.

On mornings where you’re strapped for time, pair your quick and easy jumpsuit with these socks. Even with just a basic black jumpsuit and high heels, you will get that minimalistic and cool look. But this year, why not add a little charm with these socks? Here, we’ve chosen a soft baby blue. The fresh dash of color that pops into view with every step gives an overall stylish impression that will turn heads as you stroll downtown.


For Parties.

These sparkling Lamé Socks are perfect for parties too. Here we have a one-tone look with beige and white, emphasizing your femininity. By adding the new texture of glitter, you will get new nuances from the same outfit. And of course, you can use these to add color to your black dress as well. Why not incorporate these ideas into your fashion for the upcoming holiday season? The delicate sparkle of the Lamé Socks should help you to shine even brighter in your party dress.


Material that Sparkles but Doesn’t Itch

Even with its smooth texture, in order to keep the sparkling presence of our Lamé Socks, we use delicate, high grade lamé. Lamé is different according to its quality, with finer lamé being less prone to scratching/itching and having a more elegant shine to it. Tabio uses special lamé which is 0.1mm in size, the equivalent of 300th of an inch. Only Tabio uses this grade of lamé in its socks. On top of that, since the material of these socks is on the thin side of things, they also pair very well with high heels/pumps. Its texture is one of high-class and will match any party dress.


We hope you were able to find inspiration for new outfits with this article. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try these Lamé Socks with your high heels!

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