3 Socks Tips for Surviving Wedding Party as a Guest

Can barely see your fridge because of all the wedding invitations stuck to it? We have you covered, or at least we have your feet covered. 

Add socks shopping to your pre-wedding to-do list. Wedding day, after all, is a long day you spend on your feet and you need to make sure you feel 100% comfortable. You will be surprised, but we have special wedding socks tips not just for gentlemen, but for ladies as well! 

Tip #1 Be a gentleman

Wear a pair of knee-high dress socks

Did you know that a true gentleman should not ever expose his bare leg unintentionally? 

Obviously, in daily life, not everyone is following this rule, but classic knee high dress socks are a must for a black-tie wedding. Get a pair for yourself or for your plus one! 

Tip #2 Avoid blisters 

Remember those new shoes which made you suffer last year all night long?
Wear a pair of silk toe covers underneath your socks.

We know, it sounds a little weird, but you will appreciate this tiny thing so much, it's so thin and comfortable and has an anti-odor effect. Ladies who chose to wear closed-toe shoes can absolutely wear silk toe covers or/and heel silicon covers to dance all night in your new pumps.

Tip #3 Think about the day after

Dancing all night is fun, but having swollen feet the day after is not. 

Get a pair of compression socks to wear a day before or/and after. And treat yourself to a pair of shea-butter night socks to relax and moisturize your feet.