Anti-Odor Toe Crew Socks

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Lyocell Fiber: Anti-Odor, Deodorant
Special Polyester Fiber: Dry, Absorbent

The Anti-Odor Toe Crew Socks are with a deodorizing material, lyocell which is is a natural cellulose fiber. Toe socks absorb moisture between your toes and makes your feet comfortable.

Caring for Five-Toe & Two-Toe Socks
Through Tabio's production process, Five-Toe and Two-Toe socks may have threads that stick out between the toes. However, these threads are not defective; they strengthen the structure of the toe socks and help to keep the socks durable. We advise leaving them as they are since cutting these threads may cause holes and weaken the integrity of the sock.

Made in Japan
Material: Polyester 35%, Cotton 27%, Nylon 17%, Lyocell 13%, Rayon 7%, Polyurethane 1%

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